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Druid Hills High School5

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March 13, 2015

Druid Hills High School offers and exceptional education. I have one child that graduated with the class of 2013. She is currently finishing her sophomore year of college. She received a full scholarship. My youngest child will graduated with the class of 2015. He has over a 4.0 GPA and will receive a full scholarship as well. There are some behavioral issues at the school, but this can be found in the best of public schools. As for the faculty, I have found ALL but 1 to be highly professional and competent. Both of my children took all AP courses during their junior and senior year and did well on the AP test. I did not have a preference as to whether the school became a charter school or not, but as it is, Druid Hills is offering an exceptional education for those seeking it.

Submitted by a parent

September 18, 2014

I am a currently a student at DHHS. You should think twice before sending your kid here. From unmotivated teachers, teachers in completely over their heads, ebonics from some coaches, to armed guards on campus DHHS is a shining example of a once proud school taken down by mediocrity. Don't take my word for it. Attend meetings, football games, basketball games etc and you will get a picture of DHHS. Look at the number of long term teachers that have left over the last two years, look at their less skilled replacements. Talk to the administration, talk to the counselors, watch how the lunch program is administered, look at what the students wear to school, you will be amazed at what you will see and learn. Draw your own conclusions, but I tell everyone that will listen about my DHHS experience.

Submitted by a student

April 22, 2014

I am a student at Druid Hills High School class of 2015 currently enrolled in AP classes along with many of the clubs at Druid Hills. The three main issues at Druid Hills discipline, and lack of qualified staff and the community. On the topic of discipline its not uncommon to witness 2-4 fights a week or kids walking down the hallway with ankle monitors and when its comes to punish kids for there actions its just a slap on the wrist. When it comes to the staff there are good teachers but they are few and far between due to budget cuts and rowdy kids you fail to be disciplined many just leave and the ones you stay just don't care and could care less about your education. I find myself having to reteach myself because the teacher decided that playing solitaire or updating there Facebook profile was more important and if they do teach its so vague no one learns the information. Lastly the community of Druid Hills, surrounding Druid Hills are million dollar homes and evolved parents but they've all left because the county would not listen to there input (like becoming a charter school) letting the school degrade so they just left. Druid Hills sets students up for failure.

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March 17, 2014

My school is kinda sad. There is little discipline, students wear whatever they want, they talk back to teachers, some have ankle monitors on, it's really sad. If your kid is going to attend DHHS make sure you do a school tour first. My mom said almost no coaches attend the athletic fundraiser. Ask the school for information on how often the police are called to the school. I am often scared for my safety at DHHS. If you are new to Dekalb, be sure to go online and read about the school board, and how they turned down the charter cluster that the parents wanted. It's really sad.

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November 2, 2012

Druid Hills has had a great past. Unfortunately the future looks bleak. Discipline continues to be a problem at my school. Many of my classes are overcrowded, and frankly, many of my classmates don't try at all. I'm really tired of all the backtalk and disrespect shown the teachers and staff. The next two years are not going to be fun.

Submitted by a student

September 5, 2012

SIPS N STROKES --TOCO HILLS is the name of my art instruction studio, located in the Publix Prommanade. I not only see wonderful students from this school, but the parents and teachers are loving, caring and wonderful. The school spirit is contagIous! I have worked with Mr. and Mrs. Simmons and they are the best! I salute Druid Hills High School. Jo Steiner, Owner, SIPS N STROKES TOCO HILLS

June 4, 2012

I Love the concerned & passionate teachers and administrators, it may be because I am an involved parent, but that still doesnt take anything away from the positive exp I've had the past 2 yrs. Ms Adamson ( Princ) has a special gift when dealing w/ her students and parents. All of my son's teachers have work extra diligent during class and after school tutorial to make sure he gets it. I love how efficient they communicate via email when there is a concern, followed by a phn call. We will be leaving this school this yr bc some behavior issues greatly distracted my son this semester and last yr too, but i'm not certain I can run from that at any school. The schools population is higher than I prefer but that the County's fault.

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March 15, 2012

I am a senior at Druid Hills. Since my freshman year in 2009 I have seen a drop in the way the school not only preforms but how it acts as well. Due to re-zoning, the school has receive more students than it can handle. Teachers sharing classrooms and dealing with classes of 30+ students. Since Avondale closed we have received an influx of unsatasfactory students. Both in terms of academis and discipline, some teachers can't handle them. Just this year there are over 100 senior students have to reatke the graduation test, for the third time. This is ridcuolous, students coming from 30+ miles away to bring down test scores and create problems just because "we can pick any school." I say put back the old districting so people in the neighborhood dont have to spend college funds sending their kids to St. Pius, Woodward or Pidea. Druid Hills has great potental given its students care and try. Currently that is not the fact. The teachers and Adminstrators do really care and try their hardest, they can lead students to water, but can't make them drink.

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January 24, 2012

I am a junior that was supposed to go to a different Dekalb County school, but I am so glad I stayed at Druid Hills. The principal is on top of everything and makes sure her staff is on the same level. She even greets the students every morning. The faculty is very good, with well-educated teachers that will help you understand your homework and listen to your personal problems. The students are varied and very diverse, the one problem would be not enough intermingling among groups. The sports aren't the greatest, and spirit is somewhat lacking within the student body, but you can still have an all-rounded education.

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September 15, 2011

I am a senior, but not at Druid Hills, unfortunately. I went to Druid Hills as a freshman and sophomore, but I loved it. It is truly the type of school that cannot be found anywhere else. It's diverse, and there is a little bit of everybody from all cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and everything. The best part is, though, nobody judges or has prejudices. I moved last summer, so I spent my junior year at a school that is about as diverse a's Druid Hills is, but it doesn't even compare. The teachers, students, and extracurriculars are amazing at DHHS, although the quality of the education is going down slightly. Just make sure to take accelerated or AP classes, and you should be all right. The teachers care here, and the environment that the school is in is amazing. I miss Druid Hills so much and I'd give anything to go back. It is a great school that I would recommend to anyone, although too bad it isn't a school that you can just choose to go to. Druid Hills is awesome! Way better than any other. :)

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July 4, 2009

I am a rising senior at Druid Hills. My past three years here have been amazing. The teachers really care about the students and work to help them excel. The student body is very diverse so it is easy to find another student with similar interests. The renovations and addition to the school are almost complete so the school should be even better in years to come.

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February 2, 2009

My son loves it. He is graduating 2009. Pleasant atmosphere for the most part.

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September 29, 2008

I am a former student from Druid Hills High School, and I loved it. Everyone thereis so nice. i really miss it.

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May 13, 2008

This was my daughter's first year at Druid Hills and we have nothing but good things to report!She feels like the classes were well taught as do I.If we were to move out of the area I would try my best to have her stay at this school.I am very pleased!

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December 5, 2006

I graduated from DHHS in 2003. Druid Hills gives you a GREAT mixture of students as well as quality academics. Upon finishing my time at DHHS I was offered numerous scholarships in academics as well as extracurricular activies. I believe DHHS well prepared me for the college environment. The Teachers are also very helpful do truly care about the education that you receive there.

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