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Columbia High School3

Decatur, GA | Dekalb County


April 28, 2014

This is a very supportive school. Teachers and Administrators are always available to support the students and ensure the success of students that really want to succeed.

Submitted by a parent

January 16, 2014

If you want a middle school then I would recommend you go to this school...if you want a high school then avoid this school. The students are hardly under control and the atmosphere filled with attitude. It feels like a jail. I've never been in trouble but I've seen the teachers and staff watch the students with caution. Most students don't know that they're missing out on a great education in other schools because they aren't properly informed but I've come from a school with great academics. The only reason I'm here is because it was the closest school to where we moved. The things I did in middle school are the things they're doing now in this "high school" if it's even worthy of that title.

Submitted by a student

April 30, 2013

I truly love being a part of the Columbia community of learning. The teachers are always available and supportive; the new principal is always involved in all functions and day -to-day activities; and the counselors are always available. When you walk in the school you are always greeted with a smile. My daughter transfered from a much larger school; and the transfer has gone great, she is in the Magnent program taking all AP and accelerated classes; and she is excelling. I think it is really because of the smaller class size. and the teachers really push her to take the difficult classes.

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December 11, 2011

When you enter high school, all of the babying halts and the true character of your willingness and self motivation takes control. That is the virtue I presume Columbia High is promoting. They will not hold your hand, nor will they continue to ride you to get YOUR work done, or bring YOUR books to class. Trust me. At every school there are students who were forced in and don't care about the mischief they cause at school. Therefore, just like every other institution, Columbia offers excellence, and prosperity, but it is a personal decision whether or not you run with it. GO EAGLES!!!

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July 30, 2011


Submitted by a student

May 16, 2011

Unfortunately due to things beyond our control my son enrolled At Columbia High 3 weeks before school was ending. my son is only in the 9th grade and is gifted. Columbia did not have an equivalent math for him to take(because they don't have a class that high) so they opted to not have him take a math class at all. So since he effectively did not finish the class at his previous school and Columbia doesn't have it. He will not receive credit. Also my son observes alot of fighting and other discipline issues , just far too many to list, on a daily basis. A school that decides not to enroll a student in a core academic class is not a decent scool.

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May 9, 2010

Columbia is a very great school. I was in the magnet program snd now i go to spelman college!! I did great on my sats and also made lots of friendships, you have to do certain things like activities and magnet programs to excell at columbia high!!

Submitted by a student

July 25, 2009

The truth is, its not the worst school in the world, but if you want to succeed, youll ahve to give it extra effort. I went there for the first half of my freshman year and transffered out for a couple of reasons. I was in the magnet program, and expected to be challenged, but my expectations fell way short. Most of the staff really doesn't care, and are there just to get a paycheck. The student enviorment is enjoyable enough, no more or less than what you make it; though the kids do all seem to blend in and are a bit more rowdy. Its a below average school, so i wouldn't voluntarily go here, but if you have no other options, well....its not SO bad, right?

Submitted by a student

June 19, 2008

I am a former senior class president, I graduated top 10%, I transfered to CHS at the end of my senior year from a very strong academic school. Columbia could no doubt be a much better school than it is, but it is not deserving of much of the criticism that it receives. The faculty and students i believe for the most part are doing the best that they can with the limited resources that they are given. At the same time I cannot over look that there are a number of lazy teachers that their that are only looking for a stable job. The number of faculty at CHS that genuinely care and want to see you succeed out weigh the number of those that do not feel the same. Overall I would not trade in my years at Columbia because there are truly magnificent faculty members and students here.

Submitted by a student

September 10, 2007

I also disagree with the ratings that the school has been given by irrate parents. I graduated from Columbia in 2005 which was the 1st full year Dr.Glanton was principal. He was a change that the school drastically needed. He was strict about following the school rules which is exactly what pricipal should be because the principal before him could careless about the school. Our senior class had some of the highest test scores in which our school hadn't seen in years. Also most of our teachers did care about how we did in class, the main problem at the school were students who only cared about friends,how to make money,popularity,fighting and being 'hood' Overall the school had a pretty good magnet program and academics.

Submitted by a former student

May 17, 2007

I'm a math teacher at CHS, not a parent, but I feel like a parent. We have so many smart, wonderful, and loving students! CHS has been my home for 20 years. I've seen its ups amd downs. What most people don't seem to realize is that 95% of our students are just all-round great kids. Also, I think that the vast majority of the faculty and staff care so much about our students! I hate for this school year to end, because saying goodby to my seniors will be so hard. For me, CHS really is family.

Submitted by a teacher

May 3, 2007

Columbia High school could be a better school. I truley beleive that if the principal would support the teachers with their desicions and not riticule them Columbia would excel. As far as, discipline goes, yes he is the one to go to, but that's only if you agree with his desicion. If you don't agree and have questions or challenge him, he brushes you off. Overall, I think that Columbia High needs to be upgraded (not the facility, the principal and a few of the teachers).

Submitted by a parent

May 3, 2007

The rating for this school is off by a long shot. Dr. Glaton have been what this school needed for years. I have two kids that have went to Columbia, one was Valedictorian and the youngest is an Honor Graduate. Dr Glaton came the year my youngest started at Columbia, and the change in the staff and school is awesome. These Teacher work hard to make sure our kids get what they need and Dr Glaton is there to make sure they have what they need. So time a leader must do what it takes to push both student and teacher. The only problem Columbia have is 'Parents' not being their for their kids nor the school. They have one of the best after school programs in Dekalb County. How many high school you know to the time to have Saturday school to help the kids. 'Great Job'

Submitted by a parent

April 9, 2007

I totally disagree with the negative comments, on the board. Columbia is a great school, one with opportunity and challenges just as any other school, but what the responders fail to remember is it takes a village to equip every school with excellence. Everyone of my sisters and brothers graduated from Columbia HS and are achievers. My hat is off to Dr. Glanton, he is what the students need a disciplinarian, many of the students are raising the parents, and just because when they enter 'his house' they run home complaining and I can say this because my son does that exact thing, and I am aware it is because he dislikes authority. I say GREAT JOB Dr. Glanton, I for one stand behind your style 100%. Keep it up, and to the complainers- move on and make room for those who want to learn and not flex!

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January 10, 2007

I think this school is old and need to be renovated. But it is not the school I have the problem with, it is the school's faculty. The teachers are inconsiderate of each child's learning ability and unwilling to push the students to achieve. Curriculum needs to be updated to match the states testing requirements. Students don't have a fair advantage because of this.

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